Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Time closes in and ties me up
I'm scared of conclusions,
A lonely bastard in a trap
Afraid of his delusions.

I'm anguished as never before
Exceeded by my fears,
The walls that I'd like to ignore
Entomb my life with tears.

I guess the pain of love is sweet
When hit by Cupid's arrow,
And even death seems a nice treat
For treading paths too narrow.

There's so much love to give away
In myriads of fashions,
That I find solace when I play
The game of empty passions.

I know there isn't any hope
For time to grow me younger,
But then I know time is aslope
And feeds one's every hunger.

With tickets booked and weapons packed
I'm on, aboard love's cruiser,
And if I am to die in war
I won't be just a loser...