Monday, July 28, 2008

On Truth and Power

By all accounts, Truth is weak
Because it does not show its power
Until it is too late.

Power itself is never true
Because every step forward is a lie
Meant to deceive.

The power of Truth moves us through life
But the truth of Power holds us back
In ignorance.

Truth comes forth when Power subsides
So that the unknown become known
In all its might.

Truth has no power for the willing,
But the willing has no power without Truth,
As he only knows the power of Power.

The truth of Power escapes one's will,
Just as the power of Truth goes also unnoticed,
Yet Truth and Power are a couple.

But there's something else, right on the line
Where Truth and Power meet, and that's called life.
Life's power and truth come from Beauty.


Daniel Mihai said...

ai dat din greseala peste blogul tau si mi-a placut! keep it up!

Shan said...

"Câtă luciditate, atâta suferință..."

Narkos has depths and subtilities, and paradoxically a soothing yet surgical way with words and concepts. And a seductive lure of ideas :)

Lately I often feel the need to just come back here for a while to breathe.

Too true: "Loneliness is not such a lonely place, after all" :)

Thanks Narkos :P

n a r k o s said...

invaders are always welcome ;o)

feel free to break my peace in pieces
stay closer than close if you can
tomorrow's what today strangely misses
let moments shy away from my plan...