Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Night When Nothing Happened

Cast on your bedshore, at night,
When lights were dim and souls light,
I felt the sea at play in us
For hours that struggled to pass.

My frantic heart was fiercely racing
On a rhythm not unlike dancing.
There was I, a lucid wreck
Calling the Captain on the deck.

Yet no one came, nothing at all
Disturbed the peace of our troll,
Except of course, when time was due,
Morning arrived to pull me through...


Anonymous said...

Grid dear,
Where are you?
I hope you didn't lost your compass!
You know you always have the stars for steerage!

n a r k o s said...

dear anca~

i must have sunk deep beneah the stars. my compass is not lost but, at times, i have a sense that it betrays me...

however, when all the instruments are failing, there's always the option of letting yourself be guided by the stars.

it's true, this might get me nowhere, but "nowhere" is just the place where i need to be getting when i'm lost.


Corina said...

Esti plin de surprize. Felicitari! :) Asta aduce a poet clasic englez. Prin ziare nu ne mai lasi nici o urma?

n a r k o s said...

so, my virtual hide-out has been found :)

welcome aboard, corina~ and thank you

robinson crusoe is quite fortunate in one respect: no newspaper reality for a while.

just enjoying my empty island...

Shan said...

Nothingness can be so meaningful, and nowhere the most rewarding destination.

Narkos, how can I get in touch with you, yahoo? I think I need it :P

n a r k o s said...


yes, yahoo! me :) @integralgrid and i will rise from nothingness...

Shan said...

Thank you, Narkos. I must hurry - great things are afoot !