Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Reality as Realty

Our dream has come true—the world is now subdued. We are its hijackers, as we have thrown over the world a tight net of projections, assessments and measurements. We are the thieves and terrorists of this world, already punished for the way we've instrumented the world towards purpose—we are incarcerated in the small cell of our goals, living behind the grid of our own projections about the world. We believe that the world is limited to our perception of it. Seeking truth is unproductive and outmoded—therefore truth is, from now on, mass-produced. A hyper-defined, super-regulated and tightly controlled world is the result. The pixels of projections are the power grid on which our "neon enlightenment" depends. It is impossible to awaken from this self-administered dream, and we are terrified. This is the world of LUCID NARCOSIS.


shaumbra1 said...

Responding here, as i happened to be doing a search on the word 'narcosis'..and found your rather synchronystic writings.Two nights ago a friend and i took mushrooms (i may lose you here..chuckle!)..and I indulged the urge to whiteboard some pourings from the right side of the brain. As I did this the word 'knarcosis' came up...which i intuited at the time as the sleep of the true knowledge of the self.
I am a 49yr old woman living in Australia, who has always enjoyed (rather instinctively i believe) museing on metaphysical matters. Currently I am studying Art Therapy, multimodal inquiry methods at M.A. level. Therefore I can finally attend to these interests in a more focused way.
You may bawk at the use of psylosybin..but at the time it was a recreational persuit ( partaken of by me..on 5 other occassions over the last 20year period)...its use has always been revelation in my experience of an expansion of consciousness that seemingly dissolves the bind of 'the grid'.

The force of consciousness in matter is as lucid as it gets when the veiled eyes and inner tensions are excorcised. The divine human in Rennaisance of the 'true' self, as spirit in what i experienced again.
Possibly I sound like a deluded romantic nut....
but thankyou for what I see as a parallel perspective,

Narkos said...


thank you for your ice-breaking musings. ironically, this blog has been itself in a sort of trance, ever since it was born. nothing to disturb its peace--not even from me. as if everything has already been said, or as if anything added to it would no longer make a difference.

i'm glad to see that someone is finally taking an interest in it. even though it's through a mushroom's help--haha!

as to how an altered state may or may not be a vehicle to authentic spiritual experiences, i like ken wilber's take on the matter. here's a possible link:

the problem is--if we are ill of too much organizing and structuring our lives according to will and purpose, then to experience a destabilizing, destructuring and disorganizing effect (chemically-induced) would do no more than showing the prisoner a framed patch of blue sky...

what effect, if any, has a state of drug-induced ecstasy upon an individual already deeply plugged in to the world of Lucid Narcosis? we are not at all unaware that freedom exists, which is why we have set sail to conquer it. and we have conquered it, but we're still missing it, which we interpret as having more work to do in order to become freer than free. more fully free--this is our endless folly.